Liv H. Scott

Creative Writing Degree

I hold a Degree in Creative Writing from the Missouri State University, with a focus in Fiction. During my undergraduate I aimed to take courses in every area of writing. While I focused in Fiction, I took courses in Poetry, Graphic Narrative, and Non-Fiction as well. My aim as a writer is to be multi-disciplinary within Creative Writing and within English Fields. I took courses within the Literature department of MSU not only to fulfill my degree program, but to expand my knowledge of how writing and writers interact with the world, and to shape my own skills in writing from looking through a different perspective.


When I started my degree at MSU I put more focus and attention to my poetry than to my prose. I spent the majority of my high school years focusing on craft and performance of my poetry. I was comfortable submitting my poetry pieces for publication early in my college career.

See the poetry page for examples of my work.


Despite my focus on poetry during high school and my first years at MSU, I graduated with a focus in Fiction. Prose writing, and particularly writing novels and novellas, has always been a primary goal of my writing and publishing career.

See the prose page for examples of my work.

Additional Writings

In addition to my work with poetry and prose, I have taken courses on and done work with many other styles of writing. Most notably are my work with literary critique, graphic novel script writing, and my minor in technical writing.

See the miscellaneous page for examples of my work.

See the technical writing page for further information on my minor and examples of my work.