Liv H. Scott

Technical Writing Minor

In addition to my Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing, I graduated from MSU with a minor in Technical Writing. The technical and professional writing courses at MSU rely heavily on real world experience. Below are a few examples of the work I have done for clients and class credit.

Client Work

Impact Documents

At Impact! Architectural Lighting I create documents for in-house use, press releases, and advertisments.

River Styx

I Interned for River Styx Literary Magazine, St. Louis, Mo, from August 2015 to February 2016. In this time period I worked to create and edit posters, press releases, and brochures for the organization. Below are two examples of these documents.

Grand Boulevard Workshops Brochure

River Styx Press Release September 2015

Client Work from Bachelors Degree

Ulta Store 600 Signage

In ENG 421: Advanced Technical Writing we focused on the document design. We worked on a client project for redesigning a document already in existence.

I redesigned all the signs for the backroom of Ulta Store 600 in Springfield Mo, and created a template for the managers to use to create additional signs in the future.

Photometry Manual

In ENG 377: Scientific/Technical Editing I was asked to edit a document of at least 10 pages for a client. The project consisted of using separate editing cycles to focus on different areas of the document. The editing cycles we used were as listed:

In addition to these editing cycles, I had the privilege of being asked by Dr. Robert Patterson to conduct a beta test of the manual. I was able to go into the labs and used the document to navigate the software and make further corrections to the document. This was not a component of the project in class, and I was honored that Dr. Patterson would allow me to access the software for this beta test.

For the project I edited and reformatted Instructions for Photometry and Analysis of Baker Observatory Celestron 14"/Apogee Alta U77 CCD Images Using IRAF for Dr. Robert Patterson, professor of Astronomy and Physics at MSU.

Thumbnails: On the left is the cover of the original unedited version of Instructions for Photometry and Analysis of Baker Observatory Celestron 14"/Apogee Alta U77 CCD Images Using IRAF, while on the right you can see the cover of the edited version.

Impact Shipping Manual

In ENG 321: Writing II: Beg Technical Writing we focused on the creation of documents, basic design, and writing clear instructions. We were asked to create a document for a client.

I created the Shipping Procedures Manual for Impact Architectural Lighting, based in St. Louis Mo.