Liv H. Scott

Software knowledge

This page provides a list of the different software I have used before, and am able to use in the future with a degree of ease. A few of these software I have received some formal training in, but some I have learned on my own.

I have listed the specific software under their manufactures and from with those I feel most comfortable with at the top of the lists.

Microsoft Office


A majority of my abilities with Microsoft Word have been picked up on my own, however a few valuable tools in word such as embedding citations and bibliographies have been taught to me by a basic computers course at MSU. (CIS 101: Computers for Learning)


I have a basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel and its mathematical functions. These I was taught in CIS 101: Computers for Learning, a basic computers course at MSU.


During Fall 2013 - Spring 2014 I was a employed as a Resident Assistant at MSU where I used Microsoft Publisher to create multiple documents, such as event advertisements and signage.


The extent of my ability to uses Microsoft Powerpoint comes from being required to use the software for oral presentations, and as a speech aid in both my high school and college career.



I took a course, ENG 473: Writing with Technology II, for my technical writing minor that taught me the basics of Adobe Dreamweaver. In fact, this website is a product of and display of my ability to create a website from scratch using Adobe Dreamweaver. So go ahead, click around, explore, resize the window.


During my high school career I took a course in Digital Photography one summer that allowed and encouraged me to work with Adobe Photoshop. This course did not teach techniques of the software and instead was taught with the idea that student's should explore the software on their own. I was formally taught different techniques with Adobe Photoshop later in a college course, ENG 373: Writing with Technology.


All of my experience with Adobe Indesign has come from college courses. I have had formal training in both ENG 421: Advanced Technical Writing and ENG 473: Writing with Technology II. I have worked with primarily redesigning documents with Adobe Indesign, but have faith that I can create a document on my own as well.


I Learned to use QuarkXpress on my own during my internship at River Styx Literay Magazine.

Sage50 Accounting

I was taught Sage50 Accounting (formerly PeachTree) while working at Impact Architectural Lighting. I used the software primarily to enter sales orders, create bills of material, and search for information on previous jobs. I also used the Invoice portion of Sage50 Accounting for a month as I temporarily filled the Accounts Payable position.


In addition to my abilities with Dreamweaver, I have had an off and on again relationship with html and hand coding. I learned the basics of html in middle school, took a course that expanded my knowledge of the language in high school, and ultimately ended up learning more as I worked with Dreamweaver by utilizing its split screen function. This allowed me to work both in the software's GUI interface and within the actual code of my website.


I have a familiarity with Robohelp software because of a college course, ENG 373: Writing with Technology, that taught the software basics, and asked me to create my own webhelp system.