Liv H. Scott


Like many writers I dabbled with poetry as soon as I hit middle school. Yet it wasn't until I got to high school that I really gave any deep consideration to poetry as a part of my life. I attended Parkway South High's Beat Café; a spoken word poetry club that met once a week.

I prefer to write free verse poetry, and many of my poems are written to be read aloud rather than just viewed on paper. I write mainly about the concrete world and human experience within and in regards to it. Many of my poems are narrative, though not always biographical.

Cover of Paddle Shots Anthology

Published Works

I am lucky to have already had three of my poems published at such a relatively young age. The first piece was published the spring I graduate from high school, and the second two pieces were published in the same anthology during my third year in college.

Paddle Shots: A River Pretty Anthology, Vol. 1. 2013

Marriage Material

January 6, 2012

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards: Regional Gold Key 2011

Nabokov Sirin; A Soliloquy

Unpublished Examples

In addition to my published work I have provided examples of other poems I have written.

The Grapefruit

Occasional Comfort Derived from the Correct Hang of Toilet Tissue

Walking on Walls