Liv H. Scott

Additional Writing

I don't just focus on prose and poetry when I write. My goal as a writer was always to be multifaceted in my skills. I believe that all forms of writing can teach you skills that can be applied to other forms.

Literary Critique

In one of my courses at MSU, ENG: 235 Critical Approaches to Lit, I did research for and wrote and extensive critique of the French BDSM Erotica Novel Historie D'O. I then was honored with the opportunity to present my paper at MSU's first Annual Undergraduate Literary Conference.

Paper Delivered at MSU Undergraduate Literary Conference 2015

Power, Conformity, and the Male Anatomy in Pauline Reage's Story of O. (Original Version)

Masculinity Divided from Male Anatomy; a close look at Pauline Reage's Story of O. (Edited Version for Oral Delivery)

MSU Undergraduate Literary Conference 2015 Schedule

Graphic Narrative

During my degree at MSU I took a course, ENG: 216 Intro to the Graphic Novel, on Graphic Narrative's. In this class we discussed the rising academia of Graphic Narratives, the way in which this form of creative story telling has shaped America, we learned and analyzed the different techniques authors and artists use in this medium, and ultimately wrote our own scripts.

Below are the comic script I wrote, and a literary paper on the Graphic Narrative.


Original Comic Script. Unpublished.

A comic about Dissociative Identity Disorder, more commonly known as Split Personality Disorder.

The US Culture as Exposed by Comics, not simply Shaped.

Comic Scholarship/Literary Critique. Unpublished.


Of all the forms of writing I have learned and attempted, Non-Fiction writing has been the hardest for me. If only because I prefer to write fiction, and find my own life to be rather boring and the lives of other's not my story to tell. During my degree I took ENG 500: Advanced Writing: Non-Fiction to fulfill requirements in my minor, technical writing, and because I find Non-Fiction writing and memoirs to be enjoyable to read.

Below are two of the pieces I wrote while in this course, and a third piece I wrote during my high school career that received an honor.

How Not to Die During a Zombie Apocalypse

Non-fiction/Memoir. Unpublished.

A Memoir style piece about my family's "Prepper" tendencies.

I, the Hanging Man.

Non-Fiction/Memoir. Unpublished.

A journalistic piece about Tarot Cards.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards: Regional Honorary Mention 2011

Loving Little Alliterations in Literature

An Essay on my Love of Writing through my Love of the English Language