Liv H. Scott

Graphic Design

FreeLance work

I currently work freelance, doing Graphic design for a variety of clients.

CAT Graphs

In 2015 I was comissioned by LS Associates to create Playful and eye catching graphs for the Regional Art Commision's (RAC) CAT Process Report.

I was given data & an idea of color scheme. The following bubble graphs were my designs. Created with Adobe PhotoShop CC.

*RAC ended up using simplier bar graphs I created for their final draft of the CAT Process Report

Daughters Of Charity Flow Chart

In 2016 I was commissioned by LS Associates to create a flow chart for the Daughters of Charity Foundation's "Theory of Change".

I was given a hand drawn pre-existing flow chart to work from. Below is the chart I created. I used colors similiar to those of the Daughters of Charity Foundation's Organization colors, and included their logo in the chart.

River Styx

While interning at River Styx Literary Magazine I worked as primary Graphic Designer, creating many of the Graphics to be used on Social Media, printed Advertisments, Posters, and Brochures.

I have selected a few pieces of my work from this six month period and featured them below

Facebook Banners

River Styx uses Facebook to help generate online knowledge of events and readings that the magazine puts on.

Below are a few of the banners I created for different Events River Styx put on in 2015 & 2016.